Liberty Paper was founded in 1986 in the heart of Los Angeles. We began our business by supplying high quality copy paper to businesses in the greater Los Angeles area such as corporate offices, law firms and financial institutions. We developed a reputation for being the premier source for business papers by providing a superior product at the best possible price with unparalleled customer service. Our client list grew to include some of the most prestigious companies serving a multitude of industries including finance, entertainment, advertisement, government and the legal communities.

As Liberty Paper continued to grow, more opportunities began to arise and our reputation allowed for the expansion of our distribution capabilities from the Southern California region to the continental United States. This expansion now includes providing competitively priced copy paper to every sector from fortune 500 companies, big box stores, government agencies, and academic institutions.

This capability has positioned Liberty Paper as one of the largest copy paper distributors in the nation. We continue to grow year over year because of our commitment to our customers as well as our team. Each member of our team is an expert in their field and therefore highly valuable and an integral part of the success to our company.

We are partnered with internationally recognized mills whose values are in line with our own, being socially and environmentally conscious. Our partnerships with our mills allow us to remain consistent with quality and supply, both of which is crucial for us to meet our customer’s expectations.


We are dedicated to serving our customers by providing them with quality copy paper at a great value delivered on time every time so that they can focus on their work and get the job done.  We are dedicated to serving our employees by providing a stable workplace with a healthy culture and opportunities for personal growth so that they can enjoy their work and overall quality of life.


Always do your best.

Do it with respect.

Not me, WE.

Be relentless.

Detail makes the difference.

We stand by our word.

We love what we do.

Learn. Adapt. Grow.