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Pop-It Cards

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Pop It Cards are a unique premium direct mail medium that captivate and impress. 

Here are just some of the attributes and benefits to using Pop-It Cards



Your prospects will immediately see the value of your offer with this gift card marketing technique.   The clever pop-out goes right into the recipient’s wallet. 



Often times mail gets thrown out without even getting opened or glanced at.  Arriving in postcard format with a visible shine and the rigidity of a credit card, Pop It Cards get noticed ahead of everything else in the mailbox.


Pop It Cards utilize state of the art high-resolution digital-printing technology making colors stand out like nothing else you’ve seen.   We use full variable print techniques too, so you can place the recipient’s name in the address field and on the gift card itself – on either or both sides of the mailer.



Time and time again, our clients applaud their ROI gains ahead of other direct marketing methods.  You will set yourself up for success if you’re using Pop It Cards, a strong offer and the right mailing list.