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The Reliable Standard in Carbonless Sheets

NCR PAPER brand Premium is designed to give printers the reliability they need, day in and day out. Designed with just the right bulk and stiffness, Premium assures trouble-free runnability. Customers who prefer lighter basis weights with high bulk and stiffness should specify Premium sheets for their carbonless documentation needs.

Premium is available in blue or black imaging, which allows for unique document designs. Users will be impressed with Premium's image intensity and sharp character definition. Document legibility is assured down to the last ply.

To create document sets for Premium, utilize Appleton Papers' Fanapart High Strength Padding Adhesive, which delivers consistent edge padding without the blocking or weak bonds typical with other heavyweight carbonless.

For reliability and outstanding quality, specify NCR PAPER* brand Premium.

Applications: Premium can be used to produce basically any standard multi-part form and is 8 ½” x 11”available in either black or blue print. It differs from Superior only in basis weight (it has a 15 pound CB ply, 17 pound CFB ply and a 15 pound CF ply).