The paper got here in beautiful condition and your driver worked with us as far as storage and placement. Some of it went straight to the copy room and some of it went to the basement for storage.  What a load off our backs!  Thanks Liberty Paper!


-- Purchasing Director, City Government in So Cal.

NCR PAPER* brand Superior

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The Best Productivity, Appearance and Imaging

NCR PAPER* brand Superior is the best looking, the best imaging and the best running heavyweight carbonless paper within the industry.

Superior offers the sharpest, most intense image. Documents produced with Superior sheets are guaranteed to be legible down to the last ply, without applying excessive writing pressure.

To create document sets with Superior sheets, use Appleton Papers' Fanapart High Strength Padding Adhesive, which delivers consistent edge padding results—every time.

With Superior, any document takes on an air of prestige and elegance by providing the brightest and whitest top sheet. Produce the best-looking multi-part forms and enhance your corporate image with NCR PAPER* brand Superior.

Use black print Superior for all basic multi-part forms applications such as invoices, receipts, purchase orders, etc. where you want to convey a high degree of craftsmanship and quality to your forms customer. Superior provides unparalleled press productivity with its heavyweight design along with the whitest, brightest top sheet and most dark, intense image available.