The paper got here in beautiful condition and your driver worked with us as far as storage and placement. Some of it went straight to the copy room and some of it went to the basement for storage.  What a load off our backs!  Thanks Liberty Paper!


-- Purchasing Director, City Government in So Cal.


Liberty Paper delivers value by offering a bright and smooth line of premium paper that makes you look better at a surprisingly competitive price.  With over 1,000,000 square feet of distribution facilities across the country, a bonded uniformed delivery squad and a well refined customer service team, Liberty Paper continues to build a strong reputation throughout the public sector.

Liberty Paper has been awarded hundreds of bids ranging from 1 pallet to 120 truckloads for one-time orders and annual contracts.  City Halls and subsidiary government offices across the United States use Liberty Paper to satisfy their every day operational needs.   We have a fantastic recycled product that is 100% carbon neutral in the manufacturing process and up to 100% post-consumer recycled waste.  

Direct Mail services and printing of business cards, brochures letterhead and more is also our list of services where we’ll deliver quality, a guarantee of your satisfaction and competitive pricing.